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Monday, June 2, 2014

Totally Savage With The Atlanta All-Stars 2007 Just Talk To Me

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:51
Size: 125,52 MB

United States

Totally Savage with the Atlanta All-Stars "Just Talk To Me" is a guitar player's dream and a personal and professional highlight for one of Atlanta's best-known bands. Almost two years in the making, the album includes the very finest and well-known musicians Atlanta has to offer to include guitarists, vocalists, bassists and keyboardists.

The brainchild of the band's leader, Larry Savage, the concept for the album was to have the many fantastic musicians and good friends of the band come in and contribute to their latest all-original CD (three others have been sold on CD Baby over the last five years) as the band was re-forming at the project's inception and the collective talent of these musicians is just "off the hook"! So, the concept was born and recording began.

Trying to nail down some of the busiest musicians in Atlanta, to include six guitarists, four singers, three bassists and one keyboard player was like "herding cats", and sometimes seemed as though it would never come together, but time, talent and tenacity prevailed and we're proud and happy to present this product on behalf of all the people who contributed and all of the Atlanta-area musicians out there who we know and respect.

Perhaps the best example of this collaboration is the up-tempo blues boogie "Moving Target Blues", where the "nod" is given to SEVEN guitarists on ONE SONG!

Each contributor is highlighted below I urge you to check them out. I do want to acknowledge the featured band on the album, Atlanta's own "Barry Richman Band". Barry Richman is one of the finest guitarists playing ANYWHERE today and all of his super-talented band mates appear as well. Barry's whole band plays one song "Walk on a Moonlit Beach" and appear separately on many tracks throughout the album. Here's the song order and players for each tune on the project.

The Atlanta "All-Stars" are:

Barry Richman: Quite simply Atlanta's finest guitarist and leader of his smokin' band!
Keren Leppo: Southern and soulful, one of Atlanta's favorite singers, guitarists and songwriters!
Kari Connolly: The talented, gutsy and sexy singer for The Barry Richman Band!
Jeff Haley: Killer bassist for The Barry Richman Band!
Bill Diehl: Stunning drummer for The Barry Richman Band!
Roger Shepheard: Smokin' guitarist and singer and leader of Break-48!
Carl Culpepper: THE rock guitarist in Atlanta, with a great new album!
Joe Clover: Soulful blues and rock guitarist and singer!
Linda Dixon: Ultra-talented keyboardist for "Rusty River"
Darryl Fox: Dynamic and soulful singer for "Rusty River"
Scott Brock: Dufonics Bassist & singer/ songwriter for "The Dufonics", also our recording engineer and producer!
Gene Kunkle: Guitarist Extraordinaire!
Mark Spain: Dufonics Outstanding Drummer and Singer for "The Dufonics"!
Jeff Wells: Dufonics Super-talented and refined guitarist for "The Dufonics" and the "Cyber Jam Forum"

I hope you check out and enjoy not only this album but each of the contributors as well. The only thing better than the musicians on this CD are the people that I'm proud and happy to call my friends. (Larry Savage.)


01 - Whispered Promises 08:45

02 - Shady Characters 03:21

03 - Rainin' On The 4th Of July 06:50

04 - A Winter's Sun 06:38

05 - Moving Target Blues 05:30

06 - Just Talk To Me 05:52

07 - So All Alone 03:56

08 - Another Round Of Love 04:36

09 - The Rock 05:17

10 - Walk On A Moonlit Beach 04:06

Totally Savage With The Atlanta All-Stars here:



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