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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Roxy Perry 2003 New York Blues Queen

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:34
Size: 51,50 MB

United States

First time I heard Roxy was on a "Music Choice" digital TV channel... but may as well have come to me thru the hot vacuume tubes of an old AM radio; turned 'jus right' and New York-ward on a windowsill. It may have taken me a few minutes before I looked to read the liner-note... but till then I was sure I was hearing one of the blues-queens: not merely of New York, but of the genre. My first instinct was to apply for a steady blues-harp position if one ever came up... but then reaized it was Roxy herself blowin' that Mississippi saxophone like a hurricane- and all that between a voice callin' and "answerin' back" with blues and tenacity of a soul leanin' into a hail-storm!! For fear of understatement- if you miss this blues queen... you've missed a national treasure!! (Butchie Olmstead)


01 - Do The Right Thing 03:09

02 - Way Down 05:22

03 - Men Like You 05:55

04 - Woo-Ooh 04:35

05 - The Blues Don't Knock 03:59

06 - Shakin' Off The Blues 04:33

07 - Struck Down 04:18

08 - Hey Mister 02:34

09 - Tailgate Swing 03:09

Roxy Perry here:



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