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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Rehab Allstars 2015 Feel The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:16
Size: 82,81 MB

New Zealand

The album by local Manawatu band the 'Rehab Allstars' has been nearly 3 years in the making. Between recording other musicians and bands over the last few years, lead guitarist/vocalist - Rex Bond, has had a prolific song writing period, where 40 songs have been written and worked up by the band and then whittled down to 10 for the album. Also included on the album are some of the bands' favourite cover tunes.

In the early days the band mainly played songs from their favourite artists such as The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Tom Petty. Then, as the years go by, life hands out a hat full of experiences and crises, creating the inspiration to write great original songs.

Rex views the sound of the 'Rehab Allstars' as a natural extension of the music they have been making since teenagers. The band has really got him back to his roots. "It feels to me a lot more like it did when I first started playing music with Darryll and brother Murray when we were kids. Bands were always just three or four guys playing for the fun of it,'' Rex recalls.

Now, the 'Rehab Allstars' are pushing their music to another level.

"A lot of folks are having hard times these days,'' Rex says, ''and they need something to lift them up and make them smile. Our music does this in spades." The 'Rehab Allstars' will unquestionably be lifting spirits and filling dance floors the same way they have been doing for decades, only now, with new vocalist Paul Holcombe - they are packing an even more feral punch.


Murray Bond - Drums
Paul Holcombe – Vocals
Rex Bond – Guitar/Bass
Darryll Hesketh – Guitar


01 - Can't Get Next To You 04:25

02 - Jesus Just Left Chicago 04:32

03 - Burden 05:07

04 - Strange Brew 03:33

05 - Look On Yonder Wall 04:38

06 - Feel The Blues 04:17

07 - If Trouble Was Money 05:14

08 - Nutbush City 04:18

09 - So Long Baby 03:03

10 - Deju Blues 06:09

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