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Friday, October 28, 2011

Irish Coffee 1972 Irish Coffee

Genre: Rock
Rate: 225 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:29
Size: 105,22 MB


Review by Richie Unterberger

Irish Coffee played unremarkable bluesy hard rock on this rare 1971 LP. Like so many late-'60s and early-'70s albums of this kind that never got a wide hearing, a weirdly tense, negative attitude was prevalent in the basic minor-keyed melodies, noodling guitars, churchy organ, despondent lyrics, and half-screamed descent-into-hell vocalizing. It's more mundane than menacing, although creating a troubled atmosphere seems to have been part of the intent. There's a little more of a good-time soul-rock feel on the two-part "The Show," with funkish wah-wah effects. Considering the obscurity of the original release, the 2002 CD reissue is woefully short of detail, with no liner notes or even listings of members of the band, though it does cite its original release as 1971 on Triangle Records, and says that all tracks were written by W. Souffreau and J. Van Der.


01 - Masterpiece 03:07

02 - Can't Take It 04:08

03 - The Beginning Of The End 06:22

04 - When Winter Comes 04:54

05 - The Show (Part I) 02:55

06 - The Show (Part II) 03:02

07 - Hear Me 04:04

08 - A Day Like Today 06:55

09 - I'm Lost 04:33

10 - Carry On 03:13

11 - Child 03:45

12 - Down Down Down 02:41

13 - I'm Alive 04:14

14 - Witchy Lady 02:58

15 - I'm Hers 04:38

Irish Coffee here:

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