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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nightlosers 2004 Rhythm & Bulz

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 48000
Time: 00:58:39
Size: 80,58 MB


NIGHTLOSERS are a Romanian ethno-blues band, mostly remarkable for their ability to find common roots between country-rock, American blues and Eastern Europe genuine folk, thus conveying the same message through complementary ways of expression. Their sound is chameleonic - to induce the rock/blues/ethno state of mind, the blend is a well-measured recipe with a bit of passion, a bit of subtle self-humour, a lot of technique in whatever device that produces some sort of sound, from overdriven guitar down to poplar leaf -- and a good dose of temper. They are having concerts all over Europe as well as in the USA.

Their repertoire of traditional blues grew organically on stage. It grew out of having some fun during a jam session. Their first tape, 'Sitting on top of the World', 1994, was influenced by traditional folk music; these influences were taken further with their first CD 'Plum Brandy Blues'. The project is also called 'The Groove Distillery' since they invited many guest musicians. These musicians used instruments like cimbalom, taragot (a type of clarinet), leaf, ceramic birds... This recording is a brilliant testimony to the soul of the band. A delicious mixture of blues and folk music from the Balkan area, with some jazzy-funky grooving on top, and a whole lot of humour. Nightlosers' music is full of surprises and original turns..


Hanno Höfer: guitars, harmonica,washboard, vocals
Octavian Barila Andreescu: bass
El Lako Jimy: guitars, violin, viola, talkbox
Ovidiu Condrea: drums
Geza Grunzo: keyboards


Nucu Pandrea: leaf, ceramic waterbirds
Pusztai Aladar: cimbalom


01 - Telephone Blues 04:06

02 - One Last Try 04:26

03 - Six Days On The Road 03:47

04 - Little Red Rooster 04:51

05 - Sophisticated Mama 03:56

06 - Ain't Coming Back 04:45

07 - Good Understanding 03:40

08 - Sporting Life 04:35

09 - Man Of Many Words 03:38

10 - If You Want Me To Love You 04:26

11 - Mind Your Own Business 03:17

12 - My Babe 03:09

13 - Petre Butch 02:22

14 - Nu Mai Plange Baby 03:29

15 - Dragostea-I Ca Si O Raie 04:12

Nightlosers here:

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