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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Long John Baldry 1973 Good To Be Alive

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 179 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:18
Size: 42,66 MB

United Kingdom Canada

Good To Be Alive - (1973/1975) is probably one of Long John's most unknown records particularly in North America. Arguments can be made that this record is one of LJB's best records and it's a personal favorite of John's. The release of 'Good To Be Alive' in 1973 on GM Records (Gaff Mgt.) in England was the third great record that John had recorded in three years along with It Ain't Easy (1971) and Everything Stops for Tea (1972). This set of 3 recordings definitely marks a peak in Long John Baldry's recording career.

Part of the problem with the record being unknown to North American fans is the fact it wasn't released until 1975 on Casablanca Records. It has always been my contention that if this Folk, Blues, and Roots-Rock recording had been given an international release on a major label in 1973 then John's career would have sky rocketed.

This album was recorded in the spring of 1973 and it features some stunning slide guitar by Sammy Mitchell. John does a wonderful duet with the great session singer Liza Strike on 'She' a song by Graham Parsons. The title track, 'Good To Be Alive' is a great rocker written by Colin Allen and Zoot Money. John does a acoustic version of the traditional folk song 'Rake and A Rambling Boy' which in many ways is semi-autobiographical and Bo Diddley's 'Let Me Pass'. There is a strong interpretation of 'Gasoline Alley' that highlights the first side of the record. Also a rare Baldry written song, 'Maggie Bell' an acoustic tribute to the great Scottish singer of Stone The Crows fame. It would be nice if this record was someday recognized for its greatness by a proper North American CD release. (Jeff Edmunds)


01 - Gasoline Alley - I Wish I Was A Rock 04:55

02 - High And Low 03:43

03 - Song For Martin Luther King 04:05

04 - Good To Be Alive 04:05

05 - Rake And Ramblin' Boy 03:29

06 - Let Me Pass 03:20

07 - I Wish I Was A Rock 01:01

08 - Brand New Day 03:11

09 - Up In The Trees 02:53

10 - Let's Go 02:41

11 - Maggie Bell 03:08

12 - She 04:47

Highly recommend!

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