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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nasty Nedd 1996 It's Tough To Be Me

Genre: Country-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:52
Size: 118,70 MB

United States

Nasty Nedd was a Spartanburg band that featured a line-up of extremely talented musicians: Tim Johnson, lead vocals, Lee Sinclair, drums, Jeff Smith, guitars, Tim Clement, bass and Tommy Holt, lead guitar (and main song writer). Their music, like all great southern rock, enables each of the players to flash their skills... and features great guitar solos, strong songwriting and powerful singing.

Their one and only CD was released in 1996 and titled "It's Tough To Be Me". It was co-produced by Rusty Milner (then lead guitarist of MTB). He, along with Tim Lawter (also of MTB at the time), engineered it and the studio they co-own, Studio 151 in Spartanburg. But the MTB connection didn't stop there - Jerry Eubanks was a guest musician and the CD was dedicated to Toy Caldwell. And Lee Sinclair was a student of Paul Riddle's - and it shows because his drumming is incredible! Sadly, Tommy Holt died in a car crash before the band had a chance to realize its full potential.

The disc is like good whiskey - both mellow and strong at the same time, full of character, and leaving you with a nice, relaxed, comfortable feeling. So good, you want another!

The CD kicks off with One More Hill, a nice tip of the hat to a southern belle that leaves her man wanting to do the right thing. It features some very Toy Caldwell like riffs and stellar drumming. I've Got a Question is a reflective song about a musician struggling to with his dream... "stay hungry and keep fighting, keep your chin up and just keep smiling, a new crowd has paid today." Elijah Cries features a guest appearance by future Seven Moore guitarist Rick Willis on lead guitar. It's a poignant song about the measures that love can drive us to. I can't help but chuckle every time I listen to It's Tough To Be Me. The lyrics reflect the feelings most of share as we struggle through this life. A nice little kick-ass shuffle, some tasty dobro and acoustic guitar picking along with some nifty bass plucking highlight the song. The infectious Brown Hair Girl follows - and it captures the sentiments of a new infatuation just about perfectly.

Any MTB fan is bound to be moved by Songwriter, an eloquent ode to Toy. Soaring guitar riffs and Jerry's sweet sax only heighten the sadness - and Tim Johnson's vocals are perfect for the song. Bedroom Jam is an instrumental song reminiscent of the Allman Brothers except it's got a more driving edge to it. J.D. Whiskey is a rocker about America's most popular bourbon. Too cool is all I can say. Hank, Jr. would be the perfect guy to cover this one! Mother is a kick ass anthem, starting off slow and building to a climax like so many great southern rock songs. It's a rather sad song about a son who waited too late to tell his Mom the things he should have... makes you wanna drive over to your Mom's and give her a big ol' bear hug. In addition to Tim's great vocals it features some awesome harmony and vocal step-outs by Tommy Holt.

Hot drum licks stand out on Everybody's Got a Right To Cry, a driving little rocker that you'll want to crank up nice and loud. Tommy's incredible guitar work again takes off like a horse let loose of its reins. The disc slows with Yesterday, a song that creates the visual imagery like so many great Ronnie Van Zant songs did. The piano and steel guitar take you back to the glory days of Tucker. A perfect song for a BBQ with good friends as the sun sets on Sunday evening...

The CD closes with Prison Called the Highway. Guitar riffs that could have been be played by Toy open up this full tilt rocker that would have been a perfect song for Doug to sing (because the lyrics certainly reflect his life). It's another song you want to crank up with the windows down on a hot summer day.

Nasty Nedd's legacy will forever be unfulfilled, but this CD sheds light on what could have been... (Craig Cumberland)


01 - One More Hill 03:48

02 - I've Got A Question 04:40

03 - Elijah Cries 04:56

04 - It's Tough To Be Me 03:13

05 - Brown Hair Girl 03:27

06 - Songwriter 04:28

07 - Bedroom Jam 03:06

08 - Jack Daniels Whiskey 03:18

09 - Mother 05:01

10 - Everybody Has A Right To Cry 04:12

11 - Yesterday 06:50

12 - Prison Called The Highway 04:53

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