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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Juke Joints 2003 20 Years

Genre: Blues
Rate: 131 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 02:09:07
Size: 140,84 MB


20 years of Juke Joints, 20 years of Rock Rolling blues, 20 years of setting stages on fire all over the world, that calls for a suitable celebration. There's the release of this double CD plus the release of the DVD of their thunderous concert at the Moulin Blues Festival in Holland, May 2002!

Disc 2 of this double CD is an exquisite survey of the 20 years in which these ambassadors of Dutchblues, still led out by the original members Peter Kempe (lead vocals/drums/mandolin) and ”Sonnyboy” van der Broek (harmonica/vocals/accordion), have been conquering the world.

The present line-up also includes Michel ”Boogie Mike” Staat on lead guitar and Peter ”Repete” van Merode on bass. It was nearly 10 years ago that the band managed to create a succesful breakthrough on the other side of the Atlantic. This initiated a host of invitations to renowned festivals, on which they shared stages with BB King, Bonnie Raitt, Dr. John, Little Feat, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Walter Trout and many other luminaries of the blues.

So far the band has released 9 albums, 4 of which are live CD´s. From each album those tracks have been selected that best capture the specific atmosphere of that album. As the band has gathered it's impressive reputation and ditto fanbase first and foremost from their fiery and highly energetic live performances, it is a small wonder that indeed 9 tracks have been culled from 3 of the live albums. Of course concert staples like ”Betty Lee”, ”Shake It” and ”Out On The Western Plain” have not been omitted. And surely the two tracks form their highly sought after debut (LP only!) ”Dancing Shoes” are a real treat!

Disc 0 is an exclusive bonus CD, containing 7 exuberant live tracks that reflect memorable performances with special guests like Willy Foster, Mark Wenner of the Nighthawks and with a amazing Big Band (most of these tracks were never before released). This disc closes with a unique performance of their crowdpleaser, inspiration Rory Gallagher's ”Going To My Hometown” in a studio in the Irish town of Kilkenny, followed by a highly entertaining interview with their host.

”Juke Joints 20 Years” is a most valuable document of a band that has created it's very own synthesis of blues and rock and roll, an absolute must for their many fans and an impressive introduction for those who aren't yet but no doubt will be soon. (Bert van Kessel)



01 - Soul On Fire 04:17

02 - Jenny Lou 02:54

03 - Betty Lee 02:51

04 - Next Time You See Me 03:56

05 - Ubangi Stomp 03:10

06 - Dancing Shoes 02:52

07 - Out On The Western Plain 04:52

08 - Truck Drivin' Man 01:48

09 - Please Baby Please 03:48

10 - Don't Give Up 03:18

11 - What In The World 07:40

12 - Please Come Home 03:04

13 - Shake It 03:05

14 - Black Cat 03:15

15 - Babe Ruth 02:18

16 - Pack Fair And Square 02:42

17 - I'm Worried 03:04

18 - Don't Let You Down 04:21

19 - Mojo Hand 02:49

20 - So Long Baby Goodbye 04:40


01 - My Baby (With Mark Wenner) 04:43

02 - Moving Up In Class (With Mark Wenner) 08:00

03 - Good Morning Blues (Unplugged) 05:10

04 - Ready For The Blues (With Willie Foster) 06:20

05 - Janie On My Mind (With Willie Foster) 11:18

06 - Low Down Girl (With Big Band) 04:42

07 - Rock This Town (With Big Band) 06:59

08 - Going To My Hometown (Unplugged) 03:47

09 - Radio Interview (Radio Kilkenny Ireland) 07:24

The Juke Joints here:



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