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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Bad Daddys 2008 The Bad Daddys

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:23
Size: 115,23 MB

United States

The only thing that might have made this a better record is if it were recorded live at one of the wild Bad Daddy's shows. For those who have yet to experience the band live the debut self-titled album is a fantastic intro to a fantastic band. The Daddy's may live the blues, but the album is pure soul, and rock solid.

I first gave this record a serious listen in a dark room with the TV sound turned off watching a world at war and empires of greed go belly up. I got great satisfaction listening to the opening track "Cut You Loose" and the single, "Ain't Got The Time" as I witnessed a planet going made from the comfort of my living room. By time I got to the tracks "Putting Me Down" and "Undone" I was convinced of the power of The Daddy's. Their musical fortitude and honesty rose above all the depravity being cabled into my home, and I was reveling in the fact that The Bad Daddy's were winning the media war I was playing in my head. At the risk of sounding corny, The Daddy's are a positive, powerful and righteous band. Surviving their version of the blues in northen New England where domestic violence, poverty and chronic depression are common place, The Daddy's have created an album that offers both hope and distraction for anyone who needs a break from the day in and day out crap or just wants to pop a cold one and go for a kick-ass musical ride with the boys.

In the blues-rock tradition the album is straightforward. The songs are frank, not thoughtful. The solo's are determined, not fluffy and the vocals are harsh, not emotional. This is a strong record, a rough record, a dirty record. Welcome to the world of The Bad Daddy's! (Steve Peer)


01 - Cut You Loose 04:01

02 - Aint Got The Time 04:14

03 - Puttin Me Down 06:14

04 - Change Of Heart 07:44

05 - Undone 05:37

06 - Working Man Blues 04:45

07 - All Night Long 05:52

08 - Slow Blues 07:51

09 - Fistfull Of Pennies 04:05

The Bad Daddys here:



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