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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Breeze Kings 1999 Tying One On... For The People

Genre: Blues
Rate: 167 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:08:04
Size: 88,24 MB

United States

My fellow bluesnatics: How many times have you seen a band do a really amazing performance at a club or festival, and hoping to take them home with you, buy their CD or tape? The next day you put it on and crank it up only to hear a lame studio recording. Well, The Breeze Kings' "Tying One On … for the People" aint like that!! This is one exceptional CD that fulfills the need to recapture their lively performance in the privacy of your own home … to sing, to dance, shake and sing all over again. It may induce the huggin', kissin', and suggin' that follows if you're lucky. This is not a poorly recorded live performance from a club PA. This is a well done, live performance in a studio.

The first clue that this is going to be a unique experience is an introduction by local harp hipster, Stoney Brooks. It is a stream of consciousness as only Stoney could orate. The CD's clever photos illustrate what could happen to a female Breeze Kings fan who partakes of too much brown whiskey in a dirty glass.

The music? Carefully selected gems done in the true tone of real blues: Jr. Parker, Jimmy Rogers, Magic Sam, Billy Boy Arnold and many more. Passionate vocals and harp - Carlos Capote; vintage enthusiastic guitar - Jim Ransone; on time drums - Joe Caprara; and rock solid bass - Dave Roth. (Larry Stotts)


01 - Feelin' Good 06:04

02 - Blind Love 04:20

03 - Thirteen Women 03:33

04 - Drivin' Wheel 04:11

05 - You're Sweet 05:45

06 - Keep On Loving Me Baby 04:15

07 - Feeling Good 03:39

08 - No Fightin' 06:13

09 - Rollin' And Tumblin' 04:15

10 - Other Side Of Town 03:31

11 - I Wish You Would 04:44

12 - All Your Love 06:30

13 - Goin' Down South 04:13

14 - One More Kiss 03:23

15 - Paranoid 03:28

The Breeze Kings here:




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