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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Girl's a Gun 2012 No Decisions

A Girl's a Gun is a Sydney-based rock and roll band, with a sound coming out of the same Southern Rock soup that most likely influenced the Stones while they were busy influencing The Black Crowes: sexy, fuzzy, and full of blues.

When it comes to A Girl’s a Gun the girl in question is lead vocalist Lucia Neville ‘Chi’ who fronts the band with a huge rock voice that just doesn’t stop. Chi has the kind of voice that would win reality TV talent competitions, if she gave enough of shit to enter, and the band’s sound is rounded out by twin guitars, bass, drums, big riffs, spaghetti western, Texas blues, thumping beats and fat bottom end.

In 2012 A Girl’s A Gun released their first single 'No Decisions' to great response from their burgeoning fan base. The track featuring a heart-thumping Motown groove and the tasty addition of keyboard by Mark O'Connor (Wendy Mathews, James Reyne bands). (

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