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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Catapilla 1971 Catapilla

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 136 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:38
Size: 47,93 MB

United Kingdom

Catapilla biography
CATAPILLA were an English band from the early 70's who released two interesting albums of experimental jazz rock, without symphonic traces as in other bands of the moment such as AFFINITY, CRESSIDA, or SPRING. The band had a line-up of six to seven people performing on saxophones, keyboards, bass, guitar, vocals, bass, and drums.

In "Catapilla" perhaps the production is not so strong as it was necessary. The album consists of four tracks with extended, instrumental passages where guitar, saxophone, and keyboards get lots of solo space. Far superior to their first album, "Changes" is a very atmospheric piece of music. Their sound is more ethereal and spacey, but still a terrific blend of jazz rock/brass rock with an occasional psychedelic edge. This is another essential album you must hunt down and add to your collection. (


01 - Naked Death 15:44

02 - Tumbleweed 04:00

03 - Promises 05:46

04 - Embryonic Fusion 24:08

Catapilla here:




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