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Friday, November 15, 2013

Give Buzze 1993 Give Buzze

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 219 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:52
Size: 69,68 MB


Belgian R&B-band with an incredible live-reputation.

The band was founded in 1979 and is still very much alive today, and despite it's long life still in the same "cast": guitar and vocals and songwriting by Dirk D'Hondt, bass by Frans Vlaeminck, and drums by Luc Vanderhaeghen. The name of the band is in the dialect of Ghent and means something like "C'mon, Go for it, Step on it ...". Initially, the full name of the band was "The Give Buzze Blues Band", later it became "The Give Buzze Band", now it's simply "Give Buzze".

The music that they produce is rhythm'n boogie, somewhere in between George Thorogood, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Status Quo and ZZ-Top. Unlike many bands in this genre, they have never resorted to playing endless covers of these American examples, but have always brought their own work.

The most important artifacts of the band cannot be measured in hits, record sales or other commercial stories. In fact their loathing of publicity and shyness for any media-exposure was called "legendary" in Humo once. The actual existence of the band lies in the rehearsal room (still 2 times a week so it seems) and of course on stage. In it's 20 years of existence, the band has given over 1,100 concerts all across the country in both the best and the worst conditions.

Or as they write in their own bio : "The endless driving, the toiling to set up and break down everything before and after the show ... it all melts like snow in the sun when we finally can get things going : Give Buzze on stage, rock rhythm’ & blues, the rough stuff. A steaming rhythm-section, with a tearing slide-guitar on top of it. A Three-man-piece that has grown together over the years with only one goal: give good shows, rough yet with attention to detail, sober yet entertaining. Three man, not a simple set-up to keep an audience interested, but easy to keep the band together. A set-up that makes it difficult to play, yet easy to pay the bills ..."

The 1,000th concert was given in an airplane that the group had chartered for itself (a Beechcraft 36). As the always witz-ready PDW wrote in the TTT-agenda at the time "there was - in ancient Buzze-tradition - of course no recording of the show, although the pilot was allowed to broadcast it through his radio. At one time things got a bit hot, when they were getting close to the German border and a border patrol interpreted the sound as a war-declaration".

In 1993 they took the step of recording a chunk of their material on CD, in a production of Jean-Marie Aerts (see TC Matic, Big Bill, JMX ...). On this album, they took care to record the songs as "live" as possible. (


Dirk D'hondt: vocals, guitar
Frans Vlaeminck: bass
Luc Vanderhaeghen: drums


01 - What Do You Want Me To Say 02:49

02 - I'm Riding 03:19

03 - A Long Way To The Top 03:03

04 - I Think I Got The Blues 04:47

05 - Maureen 02:56

06 - Begging For A Light 03:00

07 - Sorry I Forgot Your Name 02:53

08 - Try Me 03:16

09 - Bad Times & Trouble 04:13

10 - No Meat 01:58

11 - Take Me With You 03:40

12 - It's All Right With Me 03:14

13 - Pie 02:44

Give Buzze here:


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