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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gregor Hilden 1994 Guitar De Luxe

Genre: Blues
Rate: 236 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:15:17
Size: 132,13 MB


Playing with his 1959 Les Paul, Hilden brings to fore jazz-laden phrasing, concise and economical noting, and a need for classical renderings within the blues. One of the most beautifully sounding guitarists around, Hilden also has dynamite support from a high quality team of German and American musicians. Sounding like seasoned accomplices, Hilden and crew lay out some tight ass music on this biscuit. Instead, you'll discover in Hilden, a seemingly trained guitarist in love with jazz and doing the blues. Pure and powerful with every note wrung for its own weighty and artistic worth. Instrumentals with super backing, wonderful jazz inflections, and a brooding blues fever, Gregor Hilden puts out a strong set of jazzed-fused blues to wet your appetite. When it's done, I'll bet you shake your head and play it over!

This young lion has created a sensation with the European Jazz and Blues fans. "The guitar work of Germany’s Gregor Hilden is phenomenally calculated and measured. ...The axe work of Mr. Hilden is indeed a pleasure to take in, unadulterated blues with masterful executions. ...These are brilliant compositions and arrangements...” (Mark A. Cole, Big City Blues)


01 - Intro 01:00

02 - Crazy 'bout My Baby 05:09

03 - Slabo Days 04:05

04 - Impressions 05:25

05 - Trust Me 04:31

06 - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 05:16

07 - Freeway Jam 04:46

08 - Who's Been Talkin' 03:08

09 - Rockin' The Night 04:03

10 - Radio Memphis 04:31

11 - Put It Where You Want It 06:26

12 - Winter Blues 05:27

13 - All Blues 04:19

14 - Grandma's Hands 03:44

15 - The Things Ain't What They Used To Be 04:43

16 - Golden Voice Blues (Live) 08:44

Gregor Hilden here:




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