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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Anders Osborne 1999 Two Times

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:39
Size: 127,22 MB

Sweden United States

Penchant for fiery guitar leads and trenchant lyricism is present on "Two times". An album born of a tumultuous time in Osborne’s life, the 14 songs reflect his sense of triumph and tragedy as he deals with separation from loved ones, deaths in his family, and the struggles of everyday life. Though personally harrowing, his trials sparked an artistic rebirth in Osborne, and he used his art to bring himself out of depression, as well as create a lasting and profound statement.

“It’s really very simple,” Osborne says. “What I wanted to do was just tell my story -- to say what I’ve been going through without being depressing and all that, but to speak about it in a sort of uplifting way. To say this is what’s going on and what I think life is about right now.”

Osborne’s story comes through loud and clear in such songs as “Boxes, Bills, and Pain,” a stark, percussive exorcism, "Two Times," featuring Keb' Mo' on guitar and backing vocals, and “Had My Reasons,” a slide-guitar-fueled plea for deliverance. “Highway” is a serrated-edged rocker and a cautionary tale about cocaine abuse. The hushed “That’s All,” meanwhile, is Osborne’s tribute to his seafaring grandfather who passed away, but not before imparting his philosophy of simplicity and humility to his grandson.

The album is buoyed by the sweet, soulful “Jet Stream,” which offers a powerful curative for tough times, and a pair of funky, second-line throwdowns, “Greasy Money” and “Ya Ya.” Still another twist is offered by “Trippin’ in Montana” the story of a violent and megalomaniacal leader that seems ripped from today’s headlines. Another intriguing track is the album’s one cover tune: the rollicking “Coast to Coast Blues” was written by the unlikely triumvirate of country-music hitmaker Kostas, Brill Building vet Gerry Goffin, and Bob Dylan, writing under the pseudonym Barry Goldberg. Its appearance on "Two times" marks the song’s first official release.

Osborne credits the album’s extraordinary sound and cohesiveness to his co-producers, Leon Medica and Warren Dewey. “I really think that the three of us, working together, managed to somehow become another entity together,” he says. “We brought the essence of what I am and took it over there. When I listen to this album, it feels really personal, but at the same time I it has enough of a sense of perspective that anybody can listen to it and relate to it.”

Indeed they can. Step inside Osborne’s "Two times", and you’ll want to kick your shoes off, have a seat, and hang out for a good long while. (


01 - Two Times 04:00

02 - Higway 03:22

03 - Love Don't Care 02:54

04 - Boxes,Bills And Pain 04:06

05 - Greasy Money 04:21

06 - Had My Reasons 04:41

07 - Coast To Coast Blues 04:10

08 - Trippin' In Montana 04:52

09 - Ya Ya 05:13

10 - Never Is A Real Long Time 03:43

11 - Home Coming 02:02

12 - Jetstream 03:23

13 - Takes Two 04:00

14 - That's All 04:52

Anders Osborne here:


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