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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lee Hawkins & The Hair Healers 2014 The Killing Floor [video] + Smokestack Lightnin’ (video)

We just the band together and these are our first two songs. We are all longtime musicians, but we all have full-time jobs.

For our full time jobs, I am a journalist and the guitar player (Anthony Field/Anto), the drummer/singer (Emma Watson/Emzee), and the keyboardist (Lachlan Gillespie/Lobby) are members of full-time members of The Wiggles, a multi-platinum children’s group in Australia. The bass player in the two videos is (Alex Keller/Alpal), who is also the sound engineer for The Wiggles. I appear as a special guest on their new children’s DVD, “Apples & Bananas” and their new CD, “Wiggle House.” While I was over there recording, we recorded a few Howlin’ Wolf songs. We loved it so much that we are contemplating doing a full album. It is a part-time band for all of us, and the Wiggles are using aliases. It’s been fun.

Anthony came up with the idea to record these songs. We recorded them and shot the video during a few hours of downtime we had while doing another shoot. Their team shot the video and Emma (the drummer/singer) did all the editing herself. I wasn't expecting to record a Howlin' Wolf cover but I'm glad Anthony set it up and put everything together so fast! (Lee Hawkins)

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