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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chris Hicks 1996 Funky Broadway

Funky Broadway, Chris' first solo album, was recorded in Macon, Georgia in 1996. First released in late 1996 on Walden Records, it was re-released by Ichiban/Sonova Beach records in 1997. The CD was co-produced by Chris and long time MTB producer Paul Hornsby. Had it been released on the Capricorn label... say n about 1975 I think it would have been a mega-hit among southern rock fans, but unfortunately it came out about 20 years too late to ride the wave of southern rock's hey day. But make no mistake - it is a classic album. It showcases Chris' incredible writing talents - not to mention his voice and guitar prowess.

Down in Dixie blows the roof of the house with it's rollicking kick ass attitude. If this ain't a show stopper I don't know what is. Had he opened the show for Skynyrd in '77 he woulda stole the show! Believe in Forever is a sultry southern ballad that warms the soul like high noon on a summer day. Keepin' Up With the Jones' is about as funky a number as any white boy could play. If those don't make you want to boogaloo then you best get a check-up! One More Time lays down a serious groove with some serious bottom by the rhythm section on a song about wanting to hit it one more time before she moves on down the road. Blues Got You Down is a song you're gonna want to turn up loud enough to rattle the walls! Chris has often been compared to Gregg Allman and songs like this are the reason why. Chris loves his funk and it's exemplified in Nothin' I Wouldn't Do. He slows it down again with This Is Now, a perfect song for rollin' down the windows on a late warm spring day. It's reminiscent of much of his work from his Loose Change LP. And there's no reason it couldn't be a hit today if only a major label would back it... Can't Live in the Past picks up the tempo and is another example of his affinity for R & B. The final song, Leave It All Behind, features Chris at his acoustic best. An optimistic ballad featuring backing vocals by Chris' fellow Outlaw, Hughie Thomasson, it rounds out an album that should have put Chris in the upper echelon of southern rock's greatest singer/songwriter/guitarists. It's only fitting that he has taken the reins of MTB, because in time - and given the chance - he someday should be held in as high of regard as Toy Caldwell. - Craig Cumberland


01 - Down In Dixie

02 - Believe In Forever

03 - Keepin' Up With The Jones

04 - One More Time

05 - Blues Got Me Down

06 - Nothin' I Wouldn't Do

07 - This Is Now

08 - Can't Live In The Past

09 - Leave It All Behind



Enjoy the music!

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