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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chris Hicks 2008 Dog Eat Dog World

Chris Hicks has been brandishing his style of rock and roll since his teens. Whether it was in his early groups - Legacy, the Fresh Figs and Loose Change - or with southern rock legends the Outlaws and the Marshall Tucker Band... or as a solo artist, The Hitman has captivated audiences with his netherworld vocals, arena echoing axmanship and his freight train harmonica playing. He's a compelling songwriter of the first order. He's Toy Caldwell and Ronnie Van Zant rolled into one. He is southern rock royalty in the making - and if anyone doubts that, I challenge you to catch his act... for it is the stuff legends are made of!


01 - It All Comes Back Around

02 - Chokin' Kind

03 - Tie That Binds

04 - Dog Eat Dog World

05 - Share Your Love With Me

06 - You Can't Hide

07 - Can The World Still Turn Tomorrow?

08 - Too Cool For School

09 - In Time

10 - Georgia Moon



Enjoy the music!

1 comment:

kobilica said...

Fantastic album!Chris is great guitar player.Many thanks...

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