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Monday, November 8, 2010

Long John Baldry (1971/2005) It Ain't Easy

Long John Baldry's amazing musical legacy which if properly notated would fill a few pages in any rock encyclopedia. Long John's forty-five year career is a rich tapestry of recording, performing, great bands, discoverer of talent and actor. Long John is particularly known for his associations with former band members Rod Stewart and Elton John. Looking closely at LJB's musical tree you will discover that virtually every musician who came up in England during the 60's have some connection to LJB. Names like Ginger Baker, Jeff Beck, Brian Jones, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and The Rolling Stones are cemented in LJB's musical history. In fact, Eric Clapton has stated many times that he was inspired to pick up a guitar after seeing Long John Baldry perform in the early 1960s.

Undeniably, Long John was one of the founding 'Fathers of British Blues' in the 60s, and without his presence the scene, particularly the Blues scene, may have been quite different.


01 - Conditional Discharge (Intro)

02 - Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock & Roll

03 - Black Girl

04 - It Ain't Easy

05 - Morning Morning

06 - I'm Ready

07 - Let's Burn Down The Cornfield

08 - Mr. Rubin

09 - Rock Me When He's Gone

10 - Flying

11 - Going Down Slowly

12 - Blues

13 - Love In Vain

14 - Midnight Hour Blues

15 - Black Girl

16 - It Ain't Easy

17 - I'm Ready

It Ain't Easy features a British blues/rock line-up befitting the man behind the Long John Baldry moniker. This album returns Baldry to a decidedly edgier and hipper audience, with a literal cast of all-stars on some of the more adventurous material he had covered to date. This is no doubt due, at least in part, to the involvement of Rock superstars Rod Stewart and Elton John.

Among their contributions to the project, Rod Stewart and Elton John divided the production tasks - each taking a side of this classic album. The backing band on Rod Stewart's side include fellow Small Faces and future Rolling Stone, Ron Wood, on electric guitar and acoustic guitarist Sam Mitchell, who appeared on many of Stewart's early '70s solo albums.


Elton John: piano
Rod Stewart: vocals
Long John Baldry: vocals, 12 string
Maggie Bell: vocals
Roger Pope: drums
Caleb Quaye: guitar
Ray Jackson: mandolin
Sam Mitchell: guitars
Ian Armitt: keyboards
Ian Duck: vocals/harp
Dave Glover: bass
Ron Wood: guitar
Al Skidmore: sax



Enjoy the music!


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