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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blues Trio 1994 This Train

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:34
Size: 85,93 MB


When they first appeared, the BLUES TRIO had brought in new amounts of energy into our blues scene, which was gradually forming its recognizable expression. The TRIO, which became a duet eventually, was accepted genially from the start, built up the career step by step, with its performances at the concerts, getting better and better in Yugoslavia, as well as abroad.

The discography of this band had the usual progress from cassettes and LPs to CDs. However, it became evident in a while that both Dragan Ruzic - Macan (HOMESICK MAC) and PERA JOE are exceptional musicians. The former is in Scandinavia, building up a solo career, and the latter has become an indispensable session musician, whose favours has been abundantly used in recording studios by many for the past few years. PERA JOE and MAC make such a good and experienced team that whenever they play live, they sound better than the previous time. The birthday party of the "All That Jazz" programme at Beograd 202 Radio station was their most convincing performance I had ever heard.

This is pure energy taking the world by storm, and "the smallest trio in the world" at its best. Enjoy yourselves!

Branimir Lokner - music journalist from Belgrade, Serbia (


01 - This Train - My Babe 07:24

02 - Big Mama Boogie 03:57

03 - Belgrade Blues 03:45

04 - Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 03:23

05 - Walk On 02:39

06 - Custard Pie 01:43

07 - 900 Miles From My Home 03:15

08 - Joe's Run 05:22

09 - Room To Move 06:06

Blues Trio here:

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