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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Neocekavany Dychanek 1998 Demo '98 (Live Jazzclub Zelezna, 1998-10-06)

Genre: Folk-Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:51
Size: 43,33 MB

Czech Republic


Neocekavany Dychanek was founded by several schoolmates and friends in Prague, Czech Republic, in the spring of 1992. Back then, the band's lineup was dominated by acoustic instruments. This was not intentional as the original idea was to play rock. Gradually, their new songs started to reflect more and more Eastern European folk music influences. The band still holds on to this path, and they still play original compositions, which show clear folk music inspirations as well as the rock and jazz backgrounds of the individual musicians.

Probably the best description of Neocekavany Dychanek's current style is "street mix" which merges Jewish Klezmer music, gypsy music from the Balkans and domestic folk music with pub-rock, country and punk influences. This is also reflected by the band's live performances. Although the band has made several successful appearances at the country's major alternative music festivals (Boskovice, Litomencky koren, Alternativa etc.), their music is best heard in smaller venues where a unique vibe is achieved thanks to closer contact with the audience.

Neocekavany Dychanek spent a weekend in a cellar in the town of Litomerice, recording 17 tracks that ended up being the band's eponymous debut album. The band released the record on June 1 independently. The lead vocalist is now expecting a baby to be born in the near future. (


01 - Lahev Od Koralky 02:24

02 - Sproty 01:33

03 - Blondyna 02:31

04 - Mraky 02:47

05 - Ja Rano Vzbudila Se Smichem 01:22

06 - Bohemska 03:12

07 - Bodla Dyka Do Cernyho 02:18

08 - Sedela V Lokale 02:14

09 - Snad Se Jednou Ukaze 01:45

10 - Volant 02:54

11 - Pisen Mlynarova 02:05

12 - Mela Jsem Ja Milyho 01:53

13 - Venku Svita 02:59

14 - Kartarka 02:08

15 - Nemysli Si 01:41

16 - Fatalni 01:47

17 - Tancuj 02:18

Neocekavany Dychanek here:

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