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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

EDGEHILL AVENUE return with a perfect slice of all that is good about music - “Just Out Of Sight”

Built on strong foundations such as the soothing rhythms of John Poole (bass) and LaMont “Phatbeat” Melson (drums) the band then develops its own unique interpretation of a classic sound through Paul Nevitt (organ and piano) and “Hurricane” Mike McLaughlin (lead guitar).

But it is the lead vocals of Drew Perkins, who also adds his own guitar to the mix, that sets EDGEHILL AVENUE apart, his voice rich, thoughtful and dramatic.

“We poured our blood, sweat and tears into Just Out Of Sight for over a year and it really shows how much we’ve grown” - Edgehill Avenue

“Just Out Of Sight” is now available in conventional format and as a download. It promises a selection of tracks that continue to build the rich story of Southern Blues rock and classic Americana that the band has become famous for. EDGEHILL AVENUE have already received their fair share of accolades and this release aims to take things to a new high.

“The album is getting better and better” - Home of Rock

Fans and reviewers alike agree that the band conjure up their own take on a classic vibe, modernising it whilst remaining true to the spirits of the past. Listeners are reminded of elements of The Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, Tom Petty and the more thoughtful parts of the Springsteen catalogue. But this is no imitation - EDGEHILL AVENUE are their own band and find very favourable reviews from where you would expect through to becoming the guilty pleasure of fans of heavier music.

“Music you can sit back in the sun and sip whiskey to!” - Get Ready To Rock

Out now as both CD and download. Review copies can be requested and the band will also be available for interviews.

Please contact:

Justin Hulford
OnTheRail Promotions
+44 (0) 7762 411143

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