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Saturday, December 3, 2011

21st Century Schizoid Band 2003 Live In Japan

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:19:46
Size: 145,99 MB

United Kingdom

Review by Bruce Eder

The 21st Century Schizoid Band isn't doing badly for a group that's never come close to charting a record anywhere, getting out two releases in a single year, a self-titled debut plus this double-disc combined CD/DVD package from a November 2002 concert. To call this the fulfilment of a dream would be putting it mildly on several counts -- for starters, anyone who missed the original King Crimson on tour in 1969 at last has a chance to see as well as truly hear drummer Michael Giles playing in concert (welcome as the Crimson historical releases from 1969 are, they're not remotely state of the art in quality) and even bringing a new song, "Progress," to the table; Giles' more enigmatic brother Peter Giles on bass; Mel Collins, a saxman's saxman, playing this repertoire live; and Ian McDonald, the original jack of all trades in the Crimson lineup, doing what he does best (i.e., a little bit of everything). Everyone in this band plays like they're at the top of their form and having the time of their lives -- Collins is clearly the heavier-weight reedman in comparison to McDonald, but the latter gets his embellishments in as well, even on the numbers where they're both blowing sax.

"In the Court of the Crimson King" is fascinating to watch just to see the amount of switching off that McDonald does between flute and keyboards. The band also does slightly later Crimson repertoire, such as "Formentera Lady," which is stretched out with a lyrical opening on bass and flute and a newly melodic treatment in the main body of the song -- the song is mostly Collins' showcase on flute and sax, while McDonald moves between various keyboards and reed instruments in support. McDonald and Michael Giles each get lead vocal showcases, the former on a newer song called "If I Was," which is a good match for the older material, although perhaps a little more obviously pop-oriented -- they also resurrect two McDonald & Giles songs, "Tomorrow's People" and "Birdman." Strangely enough, one doesn't miss Robert Fripp at all -- Jakko Jakszyk knows the sound and the style (he grew up with it) and it's his natural musical language.


01 - Schizoid Intro 01:59

02 - A Man A City 08:32

03 - Catfood 04:22

04 - Let There Be Light 03:19

05 - Progress 06:59

06 - The Court Of The Crimson King 07:42

07 - Formentera Lady 11:58

08 - Ladies Of The Road 07:34

09 - I Talk To The Wind 05:44

10 - Epitaph 08:42

11 - Birdman 04:24

12 - 21st Century Schizoid Man 08:31

21st Century Schizoid Band here:

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