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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Barrelhouse 1974 Barrelhouse

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:16
Size: 101,50 MB


Blues was born before the very first recordings were made. Since then blues has changed and developed, but stayed the same essentially. Barrelhouse recorded it’s first album in ‘74. This was a blues album. In total they recorded 10 albums. Although the inspiration comes from different sources, they all have the blues as a kind of drone.

Tineke Schoemaker, the singer of Barrelhouse, has her own natural soul. Every song she sings gets this blues feeling. From the beginning Barrelhouse played many, many club dates, and they still do. They have a tremendous reputation as a live band. They played on prestigious festivals: Northsea Jazz Festival (The Netherlands), Peer Rhythm and Blues Festival (Belgium), Blue Balls Festival (Luzern, Switzerland), Crossing Border (The Netherlands), etc.

Twice Barrelhouse toured with the Texas legend Albert Collins, before he started to come to Europe with his own band. During the last tour a live recording was made: Albert Collins with Barrelhouse Live (Munich Records BMCD 225).

The last two CD’s, Timeframes (‘98) and Walking in Time, give a perfect idea what Barrelhouse is like. From deep blues to country, jazz and folk orientated songs, soulful and intimate in the ballads, dynamic and powerful in the rock ‘n’ roll songs. Their own compositions are fresh and new, but also sound like they already exist for more than a century. (


01 - I'm In The Mood 03:35

02 - Way Down Low 02:57

03 - Worried Life Blues 05:42

04 - South Side Stomp 02:50

05 - If You Really Wanna Leave 06:23

06 - Dirty Dozen 03:13

07 - Get Like You Used To Be 04:55

08 - Harrys' Country Line Up 03:55

09 - Twenty Nine Ways 01:56

10 - Going Down 04:35

11 - You Don't Have To Go 04:15

Barrelhouse here:

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