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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Walter Trout & The Radicals 2003 Relentless - The Concert

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 02:12:43
Size: 303,81 MB

United States

This DVD release is the extended and unabashed version of the CD of the same name. Marie Trout (Walter's wife) woke up one night and decided that it might be an idea to, instead of just working on a new CD, to take the idea out into a venue (in this case, the famous Paradiso Club in Amsterdam) and record it live in front of an appreciative studio audience.

Walter has always sounded better in the flesh, so this is a great idea and really showcases his abilities in a way not afforded by a mere studio album. The DVD features extra tracks such as Dust My Broom and some of his previous songs but both versions feature his now trademark '73 Fender Strat screaming and tearing through a great setlist.

He also gets to play acoustic guitar on a couple of tracks, namely 'Lonely Tonight' and the spiritual 'Jericho Road' where Walter plays some beautiful unplugged solo parts, as well as a custom-made Vigier electric guitar that adds a different feel to the more rocky tracks. What's evident here is the sensitivity of the man, which sometimes gets lost on his regular outings, a sense of light and shade and of balancing out the various sides of his personality. It also shows that there is very little in the way of sweetening up and that what you hear on an album (as is evidenced here) is Walter and the Boys.

The whole show is infused with Walter's untamed and incendiary musicianship. There are a plenty of introductions to songs, so you get the background to them. There is even a joke told by Jimmy Trapp, imitating the great Saul Liebermann. The band are in great spirits throughout and there is no holding back from any of them at all, they play their hearts out and it's no wonder really, as the Paradiso is Walter's favourite venue on Planet Earth. (


01 - Intro 00:40

02 - Dust My Broom 07:21

03 - Reason I'm Gone 09:31

04 - Talk To Ya 05:40

05 - I'm Tired 07:33

06 - Cry If You Want To 05:25

07 - Helpin' Hand 06:06

08 - Lonely Tonight 02:35

09 - The Life I Chose 06:27

10 - Work No More 06:26

11 - Jericho Road 05:10

12 - Chatroom Girl 07:31

13 - Empty Eyes 05:23

14 - My Heart Is True 07:05

15 - Collingswood 05:39

16 - The Best You Got 06:37

17 - Mercy 08:46

18 - Serve Me Right To Suffer 15:18

19 - Long Time Love - Good Enough To Eat [Bonus] 13:30

This is a DVD-Rip including the bonus-tracks. I ripped it from the original DVD and cut the tracks with mp3DirectCut.

Walter Trout & The Radicals here:

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