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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Steve Freund 1999 'C' For Chicago

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:15
Size: 112,10 MB

United States

Review by Alex Henderson

No one will accuse Steve Freund of having the greatest voice in the blues world. While Freund is an impressive guitarist, he is merely adequate as a singer. But when you're evaluating an album, it is important to look at the big picture. Taking different things into consideration -- impressive chops, adequate singing, likeable songwriting -- one concludes that "C" for Chicago, although slightly uneven, has more pluses than minuses.

Freund won't blow you away with a great voice, but he still gets his points across on enjoyable (if derivative) Chicago-style blues numbers like "Everytime I Get to Drinking," "Working Man," and "Please Love Me" (which employs Boz Scaggs as a second guitarist). One of the CD's most memorable tracks is "I Love Money," a humorous account of having champagne tastes and a beer budget. Like so many blues songs that have been recorded over the years -- or, for that matter, country songs -- "I Love Money" manages to laugh at life's disappointments. Freund also provides a few instrumentals -- which include "Mr. Jackson's Boogie" and the jazz-influenced "Cool Dream" -- and that is a good thing because they give him a chance to really stretch out on electric guitar.

Although "C" for Chicago is a Chicago blues album first and foremost, Freund shows his appreciation of jazz at times. And that is why he was lucky to have guitarist/singer Dave Specter produce this album. A versatile musician, Specter has one foot in the blues and the other in jazz, and he serves Freund well on this generally decent but imperfect effort.


01 - Please Love Me 04:06

02 - 'C' For Chicago 04:12

03 - I Love Money 04:14

04 - Wild Woman 03:29

05 - Jumping At Shadows 04:00

06 - Working Man 04:19

07 - Forbidden Stuff 03:40

08 - Pallet On The Floor 04:48

09 - Highway Woman 04:25

10 - 38Th Street Blues 04:09

11 - Everytime I Get To Drinking 07:16

12 - Mr. Jackson's Boogie 03:33

13 - Folks Like You 03:53

14 - Cool Dream 05:11

Steve Freund here:

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