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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chico's Bail Bonds 2006 Bust'n Out The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:04
Size: 107,71 MB

United States

Album Notes

“Chico’s Bail Bonds - Not just another blues band!” Yeah, I know, you’ve all heard that before. But this time it really means something. Now think about it for a moment, most local blues bands are made up of rock and rollers who didn’t get too far and so they've turned to playing some version of the blues in hopes of keeping themselves in the limelight – otherwise known as “Too old for rock and roll but quite ready to quit just yet” syndrome. Now, I’m NOT saying that’s a bad thing – oh no, far from it! It brings more attention to the blues.. a GOOD thing! But being a ex rocker seems to be considered the “norm” for a typical blues bands just now trying to break into the blues scene. Don’t believe me? Check out most up and coming "blues" act. Most all those bands are made of guys who are seasoned rock acts. They don’t do because they live and love the blues, they do it because they think it’s the only thing left to do! Here in lies the difference - Chico’s Bail Bonds is made of three musicians still in their prime, who have been playing the blues since their late teens and have love playing the blues from the very beginning! More concerned about playing the blues with respect for their fans and themselves, then about making it big has allowed themselves to hone their skills by playing tons of smoky bars and blues festivals in and around the California southland for years! And for the past 4 years, performing as the group you see and hear now. So due to popular demand of many of Chico’s fans that wanted to hear the band at home, they’ve finally taken time out playing live and recorded their first, all original CD which was just slated to be distributed to their live show fans but is now being made available to the general public to experience. We're not trying to be rich and world famous, just spreading our version of the blues! So, who are we? Check it out -

Chico’s Bail Bonds is -

Eric Ramirez - Guitar / Vocals
Was inspired at a very early age by the likes of Buddy Guy, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker and Stevie Ray Vaughn. But he also enjoyed the typical rock bands of today like U2 and even classic acts like the Beatles. But he knew early on where he wanted to be as well as what he wanted to play as a musician and he stayed true to his calling and it shows with every chord he plays and every song he sings. It’s truly not from the heart, but from his very soul that his music emits every feeling inside. A young man with an old soul.

The same is true for-
Aaron Murillo - Bass / Vocals
His formal training stems from classic to modern jazz where he was originally taught on Cello and transferred his knowledge to electric bass. He’s never really played in any modern or classic rock bands even though his taste runs from everything from Beethoven to Wolfmother. But his true calling has always been for the blues and his passion for it is as solid as the bass lines he lays down. And in songs like “Times are getting Tougher” or “Get off my Train” you not only hear but feel that passion he has for his music.

Joseph Velosa – Drums / Percussions / Keyboards / Harp / Backup Vocals
Never formally trained but grew up inspired in a house full of music. From big band swing sounds from his father’s collections to his sibling’s favourite rock/punk bands – All of whom played one instrument or another. He doesn’t claim to be any one style but keeps a true respect for all of music’s genres. Playing blues has become an inspiration to him and he loves the fact that the blues truly crosses many of music’s “lines” to become whatever the performer wants it to be. For him, the blues speaks simplicity and honesty - a language anyone can relate to.

Let’s face it. Anyone can play, speak, or even sing the blues. But it takes heart and character and a real love of the blues to bring it to life and to pass that feeling to an audience and Chico’s delivers on every song! But be warned! This CD isn’t for everybody, just those chosen few who really know and love the blues! Are you one of those few?



01 - Born To Play The Blues 04:32

02 - Rich & Lucky 04:18

03 - Noise Upstairs 04:27

04 - Traffic Jam Blues 06:23

05 - Blue Light Special 03:49

06 - Boot Shakin Woman 03:33

07 - Times Are Gettin Tougher 07:56

08 - Get Off My Train 04:16

09 - Rich & Lucky (Acoustic) 03:49

10 - Nervous Energy 04:01

Chico's Bail Bonds here:

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