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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dickey F & Friends 2011 Hunting Tales

Genre: Blues
Rate: 222 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:08:03
Size: 12,41 MB


'Hunting Tales', is a two track, Instrumental Jazzy-Blues Rock Hybrid album. Listeners who like a Mellow, Laid Back Sound that is Low Key but not quite Easy Listening in Style will treasure this Twosome. Musically, Classic Rock with Blues( Track #2. 'Hunting Tales' ) and a Jazzy Undertone gives this Album a Causal Good Times Ambiance. Electric Guitar/Bass and Organ along with a Rich Percussive Voice drive the Music with a Stage-Lounge Band Sound.

Track #1. 'Winter', has a General Voice that is not overtly Jazzy or Blues Oriented but with very Subtle Hints of Both.

Track #2. 'Hunting Tales', provides a more Prominent Blues-Rock Essence yet is Refined and in a more Upscale Lounge Fashion as opposed to a Friday Night Roadhouse Environment.

Overall, Simply Enjoyable Music regardless of how One categorizes the Album. (RangerSeriesBlack @


01 - Winter 05:31

02 - Hunting Tales 02:32

This is another absolutely free album taken from!

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